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Glossaries for Buddhist Studies

Multilingualism is a characteristic feature of Buddhist Studies. The various projects at the Digital Archive Section at Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts (DILA) are primarily concerned with Chinese materials, but many projects involve the use of other languages, including Tibetan, Sanskrit, Pali, Japanese and even Manchu. In 2008 DILA was approached by the company that produces Dr.eye, a popular translation and dictionary software. We were working with a number of Buddhist dictionaries and glossaries already, and therefore agreed to produce and maintain a plug-in for Dr.eye that would make some of these Buddhist glossaries freely available to users of this software.

DILA strives, as a matter of principle, to support Open Software and Open Standards, not least because we believe this is an appropriate stance for a Buddhist organization. For this reason, we seek to make all the products of our work and research here as freely and openly available as possible, and the Glossaries Project is no exception. The source files are kept in TEI/XML markup, conforming to the P5 guidelines, and are available for download from this site.

Glossaries Currently Available

The following dictionaries provide dictionary files in various formats: among them the Babylon format requires dictionary software to be read, for example GoldenDict; the Mac edition dictionary can use Mac’s built-in dictionary software.

Glossary Team

Huimin Bhikshu 釋惠敏 (2017-),

Jen-jou Hong 洪振洲 (2011-),

Bhikkhunī Dhammadinnā (2010-),

Ray Chou 周邦信 (2010-),

Lina Chen 陳莉娜 (2017-),

Marcus Bingenheimer 馬德偉 (2005-2011),

Bill Magee (2005-2011),

Simon Wiles 魏希明 (2007-2011),

Xiuwen Wang 王秀雯 (2010-2011),

Zheng Baolian 鄭寶蓮 (2008-2010)