Digital Index of Noun and Verb Endings of Pāli Grammar

Right after some digitalized tables of Prof. Bucknell’s SANSKRIT MANUAL, our next program is to digitalize the endings of Pāli grammar also.

These digitized tables of Pāli nominals, pronouns, verbs’ endings have been referenced on the basis of several Pāli grammar books and dictionaries. We have now expanded the information in such a way that it can be incorporated as tools for various existing digital dictionaries and platforms. We hope this tool will be useful for students of Pāli and digital dictionaries users.

Data collection, input & proofreading: Lina Chen
Programming: Ray Chou
Principal Investigator: Huimin Bhikshu
Co-Principal Investigator: Bhikkhunī Dhammadinnā


Go to home page for online search, please key-in directly in the search box.

When using the search function, please type “-” before entering the ending.

For example, if you key-in “-ato”, the below information will appear:

Please link dhamma, then you can see the relevant endings.

The file can be downloaded to be incorporated as a tool for existing digital dictionaries. For example, the format of Babylon can be used in GoldenDict, the format of Apple can be used in the built-in dictionaries for Mac OS.



GLS [17.03 KiB, 2018-06-06]
Mac [99.75 KiB, 2018-06-06]
Babylon Pali_Grammar_Endings.bgl [20.25 KiB, 2018-06-06]