Dama Bhikkhu: A Chinese Translation of A.P. Buddhadatta's "Concise Pali-English Dictionary" : Digital Edition

The translation was made from the second edition (1958) of A.P. Buddhadatta's "Concise Pali-English Dictionary". First published in Colombo, this edition is now available as reprint (Delhi: Motilal Barnasidass) 294 pgs.

The translation was distributed on the net as a MS Word file, from which we converted it to the current TEI-XML format.

The translation team under Bhikkhu Dama 比丘大馬 (perhaps a pen-name) made a few minor additions and corrections (e.g. adding an entry for Ṅ, which is not found in the printed version).

In the version we found 12 pages had not been translated, the team mentioned above finshed the translation.

Translation of remaining part (12 pages): Shi Zhanghui 釋章慧, Guan Zefu 關則富, Yue Jiandong 越建東, Zhuang Guobin 莊國彬, Zong Yumei 宗玉媺, Cai Bolang 蔡伯郎

The Word file we found contains the following copyright notice: 版權所有 翻印贈送 不必問過 隨意分享. We take this to mean that the translation can be freely distributed and adapted.

Principal: Marcus Bingenheimer (2005-2010)


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