Pentaglot Dictionary of Buddhist Terms

This is a digital version of the Wuyi hebi jiyao 五譯合璧集要 , as reprinted with indices by Raghu Vira under the title "Pentaglot Dictionary of Buddhist Terms", Delhi: 1961. The Pentaglot contains 1071 terms in Manchu, Chinese, Sanskrit (written in Tibetan script), Mongolian and Tibetan, and is probably based on the Mahāvyutpatti, though the exact relationship between the two still awaits further research. We have not digitized the Tibetan terms as yet.

We believe this text is in the public domain.

This digital version is licensed by DILA under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Taiwan License.

Data Input (Sanskrit, Manchu, Chinese): Baolian 鄭寶蓮
Data Input (Mongolian): Sarnai Narayan
Programming, XML: Simon Wiles
Editor: Marcus Bingenheimer


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