Soothill-Hodous: A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms

First published in 1937 and often reprinted, the Soothill-Hodous Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms was digitized 2002-2003 under the guidiance of Charles Muller, who corrected many entries for inclusion in his Digital Dictionary of Buddhism. (Prof. Muller offers information about the digitzation project here.) A StarDict dictionary already exists based on this original version: however, there are a number of problems with this file.

In 2008, the glossaries team at DDBC has further developed the XML source provided by Prof. Muller, including corrections, formatting and conversion to the TEI P5 standard. The other formats made available here are derived from this new P5 version. The StarDict dictionary offered here represents numerous further improvements over the earlier file, including the addition of color, and the interpolation of Devanāgarī for Sanskrit terms.


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